Amanda Girvan, OCT

B. Sc. H, B. Ed.

Having always had a love for mathematics and the sciences, Amanda developed a thorough enjoyment for the process of learning while still in high school herself. A large part of that enjoyment came from being able to assist others with their learning. As a result, working initially as a peer mentor and then as a tutor has been something Amanda has been actively doing for nearly 15 years.

After having attended Trent University to study and obtain an Honours Degree in Biology in 2007, Amanda returned to Trent in the 2007-2008 academic year to attend their School of Education. Here, Amanda further developed her understanding of the many ways to approach education in order to make it not just informative, but enjoyable too. The most important lesson she learned that year was one that Trent's School of Education specialized in: showcasing the importance of literacy within not just language courses, but within all subjects, mathematics and sciences included!

As a tutor, Amanda is available for all the sciences, as well as mathematics. She specializes in working with intermediate (7-10) and senior (11-12) grades, but has tutored K-6 in the past. Instead of working only with questions from the student's homework, Amanda designs session plans that are unique to each student's specific needs, and provides additional practice work for between sessions. In addition to tutoring, Amanda is also available to review and make note of necessary corrections for projects, reports and essays within the sciences and mathematical courses. For students at a distance, or for emergency sessions, Amanda makes use of Skype for online tutoring lessons.

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